Schools Worldwide Share Experiences of Debuting eTIMSS

testing in Canada
Photo credit: @PofPccsd via Twitter

IEA's eTIMSS is making its global debut with TIMSS 2019. A digital version of TIMSS, the long-running international student assessment in mathematics and science achievement, eTIMSS includes problem solving tasks simulating real world and laboratory situations. The computerized format provides interactive assignments that are colorful, animated, and dynamic, delivering an engaging and visually attractive assessment experience that can motivate students. Look for the results in December 2020. Here are some schools from around the world that have shared their experiences with eTIMSS on social media.

In Canada:

Canadian students Canadian students

In Qatar:

Qatar testing Qatar testing

In Turkey:

Turkish students Turkish students

In the Russian Federation:

Russian students Russian students

In Spain:

Spain testing Spain testing

In the United Arab Emirates:

UAE testing

In Finland:

Finland testing

—Compiled by Shirley Goh, Assistant Director, Communications and Media Relations